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    Ken Follett's "The Pillars of the Earth"

    Adventure Game @ Daedalic Entertainment

    In game Character animation (Spine), Background Animation & Creation of Assets (Photoshop CS6)

    Point & Click adventure based on the novel by Ken Follett

    Fink und Frosch

    Freelance work @ ZDFtivi

    Done in a team of 3 @ University of Applied Sciences Mainz

    Character Animation Frog (After Effects CS6), Storyboarding

    3 min short animation for the TV series "Siebenstein" targeted at children

    Paluten - Freedom. Der Golemkönig. Trailer

    Freelance work @ Community Editions

    Backgrounds (Photoshop)

    Trailer for a new Minecraft themed comicbook by Paluten

    Sonic The Hedgehog: Time Trouble

    Freelance work @ Channel 4's mashed

    Character Animation (Animate CC), Background Design (Paint Tool SAI)

    The Magical Labyrinth

    Bachelor Film @ University of Applied Sciences Mainz

    Story, Animation (TVPaint 10), Character Design, Background Design (Paint Tool SAI), Storyboarding

    7 min short cartoon targeted at children

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Poker Night

    Freelance work @ Channel 4's mashed

    Backgrounds (Photoshop)

    Majozi - The Woods ft. Tresor

    Freelance work @ Toon53 Productions for Majozi

    Character Animation (Animate CC)

    Animated music video for Majozi

    Fantec Limbo Showcase

    3D Animation @ Cool Kommunikation GmbH

    Modelling & Animation (Maya)

    New smartphone at Fantecmobile.com

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    Channel 4's Mashed // ZDFtivi // Daedalic Entertainment // Community Editions // Pencilmation // Toon 53 Productions // Grocare India // Chocolate Pudding Party

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